Licenseware raise second investment round worth 500,000 euros

We are delighted to announce that we’ve raised a total of 500,000 EUROs in our second round of investment! 🥳

We cannot thank everyone in our team enough for their efforts in helping deliver what Licenseware has managed to achieve this year, in addition to this, all our clients, those providing direct feedback on our products, mission and values, along with those supporting from the side-lines, we are grateful.

We are super excited for our future and that of the ITAM world!!!

Lastly, a massive thanks to our investors, where Early Game Ventures led the round with Fortech Investments, your belief in us and assistance thus far has been amazing.

Some quotes from our interview here:

“I’m happy to say that, over the past 6 months since the initial Pre-Seed investment, Licenseware has gained the right level of traction to raise another round. This has been a result of our team’s tremendous effort coupled with strong market validation,” Alex Cojocaru – CEO

“Licenseware is all about passion, for coding, for technology, for IT asset management, and generally for building great products that people love to use. Seeing the validation we’re getting from our partners is both humbling and exhilarating.” Ciprian Grigore – CTO

“This next round will allow us to significantly accelerate our velocity furthermore, catalysing the delivery of the solutions we and the ITAM community collectively believe to be the future of software license management” Chris Allen – CSO

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