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The License Management App Ecosystem

Identify false and accidental usage, prevent audit exposure and fix issues before they become real problems.

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All the answers you need, zero overhead

  • Focus on your strategy not on implementing a tool
  • Get results instantly and mitigate risk faster
  • Know what Oracle will see before you share your data
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  • Your data is safe and always available to you
  • Empower your database administrators to identify risk
  • SaaS or on-premise deployment, you name it


Self service

Licenseware allows you to work independently, just upload your data and make the most of your Oracle licenses.

On demand

Get your results whenever you need them, not a minute later.

No implementation required

Licenseware is already patched and updated constantly, you just bring the data, we'll turn it into valuable insights.

Feature by feature analysis

See exactly what features you're using and how they impact licensing requirements. Demonstrate usage was unintentional or due to default configurations.

Usage evidence

See exactly what triggered the need to license a feature. Work with your database administrators and ensure you can avoid future use.

Gain control of your Oracle Databases



Licenseware keeps your data safe and anonymous

Deployed on AWS, Licenseware servers are always patched and updated. We encrypt data at rest and in transit as it's uploaded and processed and we anonymize it when we store it. Licenseware only collects information that is required for your license analysis.

How it works



Get the scripts from Oracle and run them on your databases.



Collect the script outputs and upload them to Licenseware.



Take a deep dive into the features your databases are using.



Consolidate, migrate or just remove. Time to optimize your usage.




Excellent experience with the Licenseware team. The members, the know-how, the platform, and the technology behind it, all combined brings good value to our customers and internally.

by Andre Guerreiro, Managing Director


Our collaboration with Licenseware has been great from the start. They have such a positive attitude, have answered all our questions and helped us implement a tailored solution with efficiency. We’re now saving a up to 50% of the time required to finish a large project. This allows us to focus even more on the quality of our deliverables.

by Andra Tarata, Technology Delivery Lead Manager

License Compliance Experts

A great team and an effective and essential solution to help ensure control in the management of software assets and avoid unnecessary risks. With Licenseware we have achieved savings up to 50%.

by Pedro Cuadros Fernández, Principal License Compliance Consultant



  • Analyze up to 16 devices per month
  • Get all the features of the paid version
  • Great for small organisations


Scalable licensing solutions
Billed montly or yearly
  • On-premise or SaaS
  • Integration and automation support
  • Priority support for technical issues


Software licensing managed services
Billed monthly or quarterly
  • Expert licensing support
  • Tailored implementation
  • Audit defense and optimisation

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