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About us

Software is eating the world. It’s been less than a century since the first modern theory of software. We’ve gone such a long way, so fast. It’s hard for us to imagine now, how the world used to work before computers. Businesses are being disrupted worldwide and in order to remain relevant, every company needs software for their daily operations. In consequence, software has become a critical investment that needs to be carefully managed and protected. And so, software asset management was born.

Most SAM programs are carried out by IT professionals with the aid of SAM tools and are sold as managed services. Running such a program may come with some challenges, such as delayed reports and relatively long delivery cycles as well as budget constraints given these services are often expensive. So far there are no tools that can fully automate SAM processes and no consultants which can effectively do their job without a tool, the two complement each other.

We see the market shifting to on-demand access at an accelerated pace. This is the result of many years of technological innovation and represents an evolution in consumer behavior. We believe that data has become a utility, like water and electricity in your home. You need easy and safe access to your data to keep things running smoothly. When you open the water tap at home, do you wait for 3 to 4 weeks for the glass to fill? What if you could have the same availability to your data? What if it was that one thing that was ready when you needed it and it would actually support your decision making, not hinder it? You could actually make the decisions you need to make when you need to make them.

Whether you are a SAM service provider looking to speed up your analysis cycles or just someone who needs a quick license check, your data should be a commodity you can easily leverage to your advantage. Licenseware is an initiative to commoditize your data. Our mission is to enable you to work independently and get all the answers you need when you need them. The intention is to encourage you to become a mindful consumer and pay as you go, only for what you use.

Who we are


Ciprian Grigore

Chief Technology Officer



Ciprian has been dealing with all things technical in software asset management for the past 10 years. He’s been involved in the design and creation of several SAM tools. He has a passion for business automation and is always tinkering with technology trying to find better ways to make software work for companies.

For Ciprian, Licenseware is the materialization of years of learning and experimenting.


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Alex Cojocaru

Chief Executive Officer



Alex has been active in the software world since he started his career as an Analyst back in 2011. During this time Alex walked in the shoes of an Analyst, Auditor, Advisor, and Software Engineer also being involved in the creation of SAM tools.

He joined Licenseware as a co-founder, with the mission of commoditizing and automating software asset management data analysis.


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Patrick de Veer

Member of the Board of Advisors



Patrick De Veer is one of the co-founders and business leaders of B-Lay, a highly successful Dutch startup. For over a decade he was one of the managing partners demonstrating his vast entrepreneurial and software licensing experience. During 20+ years Patrick took different leadership positions for companies like Oracle, Adobe and B-Lay. He has profound knowledge and expertise in sales, business development, and software license consulting specifically.


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Frederik Eshuis

Member of the Board of Advisors



Frederik has 30 years of international end responsibility in a.o. Scandinavia and covers the entire field of work between startups and member EMT of a multinational. He has a proven track record in design, planning and realisation of future-proof strategy, financial and social restructurings with a simultaneous rising employee engagement and is skilled in value creation and M&A&D.



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