About us

We are a group of SAM practitioners who've been on the front line in all aspects of the ITAM industry, from analyst, and auditor to development and sales, we have lived and breathed SAM most of our professional careers. We noticed that something was missing in the market when it came to customers pains, and our mission is to fix it.


We believe that the SAM technology of the future is an open ecosystem, not a monolith. It’s the collective work of thousands of experts, turning their knowledge into algorithms and data structures. As such the Licenseware App ecosystem is open, built for collaboration and integration.


Licenseware is a modular approach for solving complex problems. Instead of building a one-stop solution, Licenseware apps cater to specific needs, capturing determined areas of expertise or business processes. Why build a generic tool, with mediocre capabilities? We’re building simple apps that do one thing but do it very well.


Data is abundant and available in a variety of systems, whether it’s existing SAM or ITAM tools like Snow and Flexera or other tools like Microsoft SCCM or Active Directory. Leveraging powerful APIs, Licenseware apps are designed to easily integrate with existing systems or tools. Anyone can build their own connector or they can commission Licenseware to build custom connectors for them.


Proper license management requires a daily team effort in some companies; however, seasonal work is sufficient in others. Companies need to be able to decide what works for them and be pragmatic when they buy. Customers are able to choose based on their needs, between unlimited use subscription models (as short as one month) or Pay-As-You-Go where they are charged only for the devices they analyze.


People in the industry are becoming increasingly technical, and are always looking for ways to automate data processing and improve reporting. We would like to empower independent consultants or companies that are building their own scripts or tools, to amplify the value they generate by being able to create and publish their own apps on our platform. We want them to materialize their knowledge and expertise and share it with the world so that others can benefit from it, and even improve or expand the functionality.

Who we are


Ciprian Grigore

Chief Technology Officer

Ciprian has been dealing with all things technical in software asset management for the past 10 years. He’s been involved in the design and creation of several SAM tools. He has a passion for business automation and is always tinkering with technology trying to find better ways to make software work for companies.

For Ciprian, Licenseware is the materialization of years of learning and experimenting.

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Alex Cojocaru

Chief Executive Officer



Alex has been active in the software world since he started his career as an Analyst back in 2011. During this time Alex walked in the shoes of an Analyst, Auditor, Advisor, and Software Engineer also being involved in the creation of SAM tools.

He joined Licenseware as a co-founder, with the mission of commoditizing and automating software asset management data analysis.


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Chris Allen

Chief Sales Officer


Chris has been working in Software Asset Management and Software sales now for 6 years. Along with selling solutions he spent time delivering them, specifically focused on Microsoft optimisation and remediation, and assisted in audit defences.

He joined Licenseware after seeing reoccurring pains in his customer base when it came to SAM, which Licenseware wishes to fix.

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Patrick de Veer

Member of the Board of Advisors

Patrick De Veer is one of the co-founders and business leaders of B-Lay, a highly successful Dutch startup. For over a decade he was one of the managing partners demonstrating his vast entrepreneurial and software licensing experience. During 20+ years Patrick took different leadership positions for companies like Oracle, Adobe and B-Lay. He has profound knowledge and expertise in sales, business development, and software license consulting specifically.

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Kris Wong

Member of the Board of Advisors

Kris has been working in the SAM industry since 2019. He loves to dig into licensing problems and solve them with a combination people, process, and technology., saving his clients millions of dollars in realised savings over the years. Kris' role is heavily associated with Oracle Licensing specialism and therefore plays a key part in providing constructive feedback on our product development.

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Frederik Eshuis

Member of the Board of Advisors



Frederik has 30 years of international end responsibility in a.o. Scandinavia and covers the entire field of work between startups and member EMT of a multinational. He has a proven track record in design, planning and realisation of future-proof strategy, financial and social restructurings with a simultaneous rising employee engagement and is skilled in value creation and M&A&D.



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