Oracle Middleware Manager

Automate the analysis and determination of Oracle Middleware usage and license requirements


Designed to help gain control of Oracle licensing. It utilises Machine Learning for advanced product recognition, identifies components of Fusion Middleware installed within a given environment, and how they map to licensable products and their related editions.

Steps & benefits

OMWM - Upload (1)
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  • Drag and drop files to upload
  • Data is validated automatically
  • Click process


  • Detect Fusion Middleware products in use
  • Identify apps on Weblogic domains
  • Surface the required evidence
OMWM - Reports
OMWM - Data
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Data sources

  • Any data source, you name it
  • If we don't support it, we'll build it for you
  • Static upload or API integration

See all supported data sources here

Oracle Middleware Manager

Identify false and accidental usage and fix issues before the become real problems



  • Use any app for a limited time
  • All the features of the paid version
  • Great for testing the waters


Unlimited Analysis
Billed montly or yearly
  • Perfect for consistent engagements
  • Unlimited analysis per chosen app
  • Unlimited user count

Pay as you go

Per instance
  • Perfect for seasonal or project work
  • Pay only for the apps you use
  • Volume discount applicable

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