Oracle Middleware licensing overview

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As we delve into the realm of Middleware Licensing, we must remember that this topic, while complex, is made simpler by understanding the fundamental concepts already covered in our previous articles. Similar to Database Licensing, Middleware Licensing utilizes core licensing metrics but without the limitations imposed by different versions of Middleware components.

The most commonly used products to remember are Oracle Internet Application Server and Oracle WebLogic Server, which come in Standard and Enterprise Editions, and the WebLogic Suite. Licensing can be done either by CPU or NUPs, utilizing the same metrics as in the case of databases. Additionally, core licensing is applied for the Enterprise Socket products and Sockets for the Standard Edition.

It is important to note that there are no hardware restrictions for Middleware Licensing, allowing for greater flexibility than jumping between different versions of the Oracle database. Additionally, certain Oracle products, such as the E-Business Suite, come bundled with WebLogic and Internet Application Server, which can lead to compliance issues if not properly licensed.

We must consider the financial costs associated. The cost of obtaining a license for Oracle WebLogic can vary greatly depending on the edition chosen.

The Oracle WebLogic Standard Edition costs $10,000 per processor license, not accounting for cores. The Oracle WebLogic Enterprise Edition, however, carries a cost of $25,000 per processor license, taking into consideration the number of cores. And for the full-featured Oracle WebLogic Suite, the cost is $45,000 per processor license, also accounting for cores.

Additionally, there are costs associated with the Named User Plus option for licensing Oracle WebLogic. The Standard Edition costs $200 per user, with a minimum of 10 users per processor. The Enterprise Edition costs $500 per user, also with a minimum of 10 users per processor and taking into account cores. And the Suite carries a cost of $900 per user, also with a minimum of 10 users per processor and accounting for cores.

These costs may seem daunting, but it’s important to remember that the benefits of using Oracle WebLogic for enterprise-level applications may outweigh the financial investment. As always, it’s important to carefully weigh the options and select the edition and licensing plan that best fits your organization’s needs.

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