Licensing Automation Streaming Sessions (LASS)

We started our career in software licensing a decade ago. Back then, SAM was still the new kid on the block for most companies. Nearly all software audit programs were scaling up, and there was no real fear of the software boogeyman. The most popular SAM tool was a spreadsheet. 

Today, some of the most notorious audit cases make newspaper headlines. The same goes for management or procurement issues. SAM is now a popular kid, and most IT leaders want to make friends with him. Given the right economic traction, technology has a way of changing things. The spreadsheet is no longer King, and managing software in Excel is a laughing matter. The industry is booming, from zero to hero (read from 0 to billions) just in a couple of decades.

In one of our previous blog posts, we said that new technologies enable fellow ITAMers to develop technically and grow superpowers, helping them solve complex tasks. We’ve seen this happening already in other industries. Many of the Sys Admin roles evolved into DevOps Developers. A few years ago, recruiters were not scouting for RPA Developers. Now, these are some of the most popular jobs on the market.

We think the same is going to happen with many of the technical roles in SAM and ITAM. We believe this is true because this is what happened to us. We learned how to code so we can simplify and automate the most tedious parts of our work.

We know there are many of you out there who resonate with our story. We’ve spoken with some of you. And we know it’s challenging. Many don’t know where to start, others think that coding is too difficult, others <insert excuse here>. But some curious and courageous fellows dare to venture into the unknown. 

For those of you, who resonate with this but don’t know where to begin, we’re starting a Twitch channel. We’re going to stream live sessions and analyze data together, and learn how to automate. We’ll be playing around with Python and SQL, and you’re going to learn the basics of mythical creatures such as data structures, data models, and APIs. We’re going to do that in a relaxed environment where we’re going to have fun learning. 

If you already ventured into the dark arts of coding, we are here. In the coming months, we’re opening our platform to the world. If you have an idea to automate a process in SAM or ITAM, or maybe you already built some automation, we would like to speak with you. Come and bring your knowledge and expertise and let’s build an open ecosystem, one that leverages the collective work of thousands of experts. Come and turn your knowledge into algorithms and data structures and also make a profit while you’re at it.

We’ve said it before, and we’re saying it again. The ITAM and SAM technology of the future is an open ecosystem, not a closed monolith. Come and join us on this fantastic journey and let’s become Licenseware Developers together. 


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