Licenseware @ EU Parliament

Ciprian Grigore, our CTO and Co-founder was invited to the European Parliament this week by Renew Europe to discuss Romanian Start-ups and the EU 🤯

A very busy few days for him to say the least, but a great opportunity! 🙌

Here’s a quote from Ciprian sharing his experience at the event:

Image preview

It’s been a great honor and validation to be one of the startups invited at the European Parliament to represent the Romanian startup ecosystem.

Aside from the useful information and networking, I’ve found something rather surprising: a politician that actually did due diligence and is knowledgeable on the topic discussed, the impact of AI in our life, the need to regulate high risk AI and how to support innovation in technology.

Thanks to MEP Dragos Tudorache for the invite and to all the great startups invited.

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