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Microsoft 365 licensing guide

By Licenseware | January 30, 2023

Microsoft 365 is like the ultimate tech bundle for companies. It’s licensed per user and…

Licensing Q&A: What is Microsoft 365?

By Licenseware | January 26, 2023

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service offered by Microsoft that provides a range of productivity,…

Microsoft System Center 2022 licensing guide

By Licenseware | January 25, 2023

Microsoft’s System Center 2022 is bringing all the cool cloud tech to your datacenter, so…

Introduction to Microsoft Core licensing models

By Licenseware | January 24, 2023

If you’re new to Microsoft licensing one of the most basic concepts you need to…

New Oracle Java Pricelist

By Licenseware | January 23, 2023

Oracle has just rolled out a new pricing model for their Java SE subscriptions, moving…

Licensing Q&A: Does running Oracle DB on VMware increase the risk of license non-compliance?

By Licenseware | January 19, 2023

Oracle databases are widely used for their robust performance and reliability. However, when running on…

Oracle ULA – How to certify the unlimited agreement

By Licenseware | January 18, 2023

We’re delighted to share this guest post by Redress Compliance, the widely known Oracle experts!…

What is a software license audit?

By Licenseware | January 17, 2023

Software license audits are a process by which organizations review and evaluate their software usage…

A brief history of software licensing

By Licenseware | January 16, 2023

Modern companies can’t exist without software. It is ingrained in the fabric of our societies,…

How NASA overspent $35 million on software licenses

By Licenseware | January 13, 2023

NASA’s journey to the stars is impeded by a lack of proper software asset management…

Licensing Q&A: How do I determine which Windows Server edition is more economical?

By Licenseware | January 12, 2023

If you have a hard time trying to figure out whether to go for the…

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 licensing guide

By Licenseware | January 11, 2023

Want to know the ins and outs of Windows Server 2022 licensing? Look no further,…


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