App ecosystem

Our apps are published to an open cloud-native platform where organizations can choose solutions based on what they need to solve and when.


Our Apps

Software asset management, cloud, and SaaS management come together in
one platform that integrates with any tool and fits any budget, size, or SAM maturity.

Discover the first open app ecosystem for license management built on a cloud-native platform
using the latest tech to provide IT intelligence to organizations of any size, anywhere, on demand.

Build your own

Looking for more features or functionality in your ITAM tools?

With Licenseware's SDK, you can build what you need to get the job done.



  • Use any app for a limited time
  • All the features of the paid version
  • Great for testing the waters


Unlimited Analysis
Billed montly or yearly
  • Perfect for consistent engagements
  • Unlimited analysis per chosen app
  • Unlimited user count

Pay as you go

Pay per unit analyzed
No strings attached
  • Perfect for seasonal or project work
  • Pay only for the apps you use
  • Volume discount applicable

Pay as you go

Featured Plans

€5 / Device

€65 / Inst

€0.5 / Device

€5 / Device

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