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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to use Licenseware like a pro.

Lite script

What is the Review Lite script?

Oracle have implemented mechanisms that track how the product is used and what features are running within its software. The Review Lite script is Oracle's preferred data collection method, it queries tracking tables and collects relevant data that points to licensing requirements.

In the event of an audit, you will be required to run the script on all of your databases and to provide the outputs to Oracle for analysis. Based on this data, Oracle LMS will determine what products need to be licensed.

Options and Packs

What are Options and Packs?

Think of them as add-ons or extensions, they provide many of the added features that makes Oracle Database an enterprise product. Did you know that simply by enabling data compression during backups, you may be required to license an added feature?

data secure

Is my data secure?

It sure is. We use top cloud providers for all our infrastructure, identity management and security requirements. We also follow best practices when it comes to securing our endpoints and keep all systems patched and updated. We also only store the minimum data required and we remove your files after the analysis.


Where can I find the Review Lite script?

If you don't have them already, the best place to get them is Oracle. The script is Oracle's intellectual property and only they can approve the right for you to use it.

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