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What is Licenseware?

Licenseware is an open ecosystem of SAM applications that are individually focussed on accomplishing specific tasks very well, you can find out more on our about us page.


Oracle Database Manager

What is Oracle Database Manager?

ODBM (Oracle Database Manager) is designed to help you gain control of your Oracle licensing. It identifies running options, features in use (including cloned/historic usage evidence), feature to version compatibility whilst checking the validity of the data generated from LMS scripts. In addition, it reconciles this information with infrastructure data for a complete Oracle deployment and license requirement overview.

What data sources are supported currently?

● Flexera Oracle Options - Flexera (LMS OPTIONS) files for Oracle Database (.csv) 
● Review Lite - Review Lite files for Oracle Database (.csv)
● Oracle LMS DB Collection - Output data from the Oracle LMS Collection tool for Databases (.zip, .tar, .tar.bz2)
● ServiceNOW Oracle GLAS Report - ServiceNOW Oracle GLAS Report exported from ServiceNow (.zip, .csv)
● Request new data source

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What are Options and Packs?

Think of them as add-ons or extensions, they provide many of the added features that makes Oracle Database an enterprise product. Did you know that simply by enabling data compression during backups, you may be required to license an added feature?


Infrastructure Mapper

What is the Infrastructure Mapper App?

IFMP (Infrastructure Mapper) is the ideal tool to help you get a complete picture of your entire infrastructure topology with comprehensive CPU, virtualization, and relationship details. You can combine IFMP data with data from other apps like ODBM (Oracle Database Manager) to generate consolidated reports showing your actual license utilization across your infrastructure.

What data sources are supported currently?

● RVTools - XLSX Export from RVTools (.xls, .xlsx) how to obtain
● Flexera Oracle Infrastructure - CSV Export of the LMS Details report (.csv)
● VMWare PowerCLI - CSV output after running the PowerCLI Script on your VMware (.csv, .xlsx, .cls)
● ServiceNOW Infrastructure - CSV export of infrastructure data report from ServiceNow (.zip, .csv)
● Request new data source

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Oracle Middleware Manager (BETA)

Oracle Middleware is known to be complex and painful when it comes to conducting software requirement analysis, Licenseware is building an application dedicated to the automation of this analysis, hoping to rid of this problem once and for all. We are currently holding an open BETA, if you are interested, please register to our platform or get in touch.

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